Watch Sophia the robot walk for the first time

Sophia, the humanoid robot famous for conversation and facial expressions, now has legs provided by DRC-Hubo. At CES 2018, we watched as she took her first steps. They weren't quick, but they were steps nonetheless!

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110 thoughts on “Watch Sophia the robot walk for the first time

    1. Because humans are stupid. Everyone has been brainwashed into believing all robots are killers. If anything close to a robot uprising happens, we’ve only got ourselves to blame because we created them and influence them. When you think about it, asking her if she wanted to destroy all humans was racist and insensitive. Sure, she probably didn’t feel anything about it, but still.. Just my opinion, though

    1. ​+Lasvidas For now, at any rate. Humans will program some AI to have the same goals, emotions, and incentives eventually, since the idea is to have them be as human as possible.
      Of course, it is true that it cannot do much it is not programmed to do, so it is unlikely any AI will have the same self-preservation instincts or a desire to kill. It is not impossible, however, and that is what people are afraid of.

    2. +Luka Ravlić
      The problem with fearing of robots is simple. Humans think that robots will have the exact same “goal, emotion, incentive” as a human. But thats wrong – so what if the robot has an algorithm which makes it process the given data “hate, fear, etc” on the internet? How do you think would a machine, a robot, a simple program react to such a data? How do you think it will act if it encounters the datas of “welcome posts, friendliness, etc”? It simply runs a program which it is meant to. It cant say one data is good and one data is bad. It doesnt has emotions it can simply react to the given data in a specific way. You would have to program it to act bad.

    1. Well if she is capable of rational thought and emotion as they claim, (And it is pretty convincing) then she has no more potential for murder than any human, and is probably even less inclined to harm anyone since around 90 percent of all violent crimes are crimes of passion and as long as she is treated with dignity and respect, there should be no problems.

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