SkyWay Unveils the Hyperloop Killer

Australian company MBM has developed a preliminary estimation of expenses on the SkyWay rail system in accordance with the construction techniques and conditions applicable in Australia. MBM company is engaged in the management of the project costs in Australia. Its research confirmed the possibility and viability of SkyWay implementation in this country, as well as economic advantages of SkyWay transport compared with traditional tram and railway lines. The document became a kind of proof that SkyWay is a beneficial alternative to the transport existing in Australia. The results of the analysis have shown that SkyWay system will provide substantial savings compared with the cost of a tram or railway line. Our foreign colleagues will use the results of this research, promoting the project in Australia. The actual cost will be determined later, when there will be a specific proposal and when our Australian partners will be able to make commitments on a more detailed design.

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33 thoughts on “SkyWay Unveils the Hyperloop Killer

  1. Robert Bridge, a Moscow-based American political commentator for the TV news channel Russia
    Today has written me a letter on this video,some parts of which I quote here: “Hi Michael, Very impressive! Impeccable English, I must say. And the… technology is just what the Moscow ‘rush’ hour could really use!!! ;-)”

    1. Mac Tek, that’s what I was thinking, it does look a lot more lightweight than a monorail and it does seem as though the posts for the track can be placed further apart but I was actually wondering what the real difference is that sets it apart from a monorail, myself? The only thing I can think of is that it can be placed higher and more eco friendly. Enyone else know????

  2. Hyperloop…the diameter should be around 1,5 m (one passenger instead of 3 in one row – an individual capsule sealed from other passengers) and pressure difference between front and rear should be around 0.1 atm (simple rotors for suction placed every 100 m, working only 10 km in front of the train and stopping after train passes it, or even used for creating pressure, but then should be some shutter for enabling fast pressure buildups in the tube), so only small vacuum of 0.9 atm in front of the train. driving rotor must be behind and not in front. all runs on permanent magnet rails (arranged like in Mercedes sign) twice longer than a span of pillions (around every 100 m), powered by electricity. in this way train will be (additionally to the rotor) pushed forward by pressure differences and will be no problems for air flow and pressure safety. such hyperloop will be capable to overcome and sound barrier with ease and run much faster. the whole trail should be of 4 tubes forming 88 shape. besides the tubes will be a power line and all communication cables like optic fiber and so on. breaks will be electromagnetic exploiting permanent magnet hoovering rails and even creating additional electricity.

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