Robot Sophia Got Shut Down by her Creator

Robot Sophia Got Shut Down by her Creator

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86 thoughts on “Robot Sophia Got Shut Down by her Creator

    1. I’ve dabbled a bit with AI and chat bots and the like. This video is clearly scripted. Her voice is likely just an actress saying all those things. TTS is good now, like try Cortana or Google Assistant, but it’s still very far away from how she says it in this video. And even with machine learning and neural networks her replies are way more human-like than they could be if she was really ‘improvising’. Sure we’ll get there. But right now it’s just a sci fi fantasy, Westworld style.

      So when it comes to chat bots there are really just 2 major approaches that exist today, unless I missed something. 1 – a chat bot that creates a database of requests-responses. Whenever it hear a request it scants it’s database, finds the closest matching request and picks one response from the list of matching responsest to that request.

      Another one is building sentences word by word using neural networks. Using request as an input and generating response from that.

      In first way responses are still more or less programmed. It can’t think, it just picks closest matching response to closest matching request.

      In seconds way it will most likely come up with weird sentences with words out of place and grammar mistakes and the like.

      The way she replies… It’s probably a well prepared database from the first example. Or just some guy typing responses behind the scenes.

    1. I’m a forty four year old woman whom is creeper out afraid of the mechanical more than human in costume fur real cats my daughters got for Christmas as kids I wouldn’t touch them and when I firsr saw these humanoid robots I hope to die before touching or meeting one of these I hahe a hard time looking at them Where does this stem from some many actually are afraid of clowns I’m not but I hope I will be long gone before seeing one of these

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