Address of the President of SkyWay group of companies Dr Anatoly Yunitskiy New transport

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Sky Way/RSW Systems/SWIG/Sky Way IvestGroup/New vehicles / 新卡車 / Новый транспорт

Group Sky Way, RSW — systems, TransNET worthy alternative to railways. Sky Way. New transport.

RSW Systems (Skyway) — is a fast growing high-technology group, which owns the largest intellectual property valued at 400 000 000 000$ billion.
Contracts worth billions of dollars, with different countries of the world.

String transport Unitsky (STU) or celestial Rail Road — Rail SkyWay (RSW) — is the development of Russian Academician Anatoly Eduardovich Unitsky.

✔ Sky Way Invest Group —

Become investor in a unique environment! Do not miss this chance to become the owner of the world's largest companies with breakthrough transport technology Skyway.

The company Rail Skyway Systems Ltd (STU — String Transport Unitsky) gives everyone the opportunity to become a co-owner of a super technology of a new generation of transport and on favorable conditions to carry out investments in the fast-growing business.